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Vail, Colorado Hunting Tips

Vail and the Eagle River Valley offer some great hunting opportunities. Whether you want to hunt mule deer, elk, bighorn sheep, or mountain goats you should consider the Vail area for you next hunt.


  • Vail, Colorado Elk Hunting Tips
    1. Elk will be scattered from 7500 ' to above timberline.
    2. Elk Units 24, 25, 34, 35, 44, and 444 .
    3. Large blocks of Public land in units 35 and 36 provide refuge and can make hunting in these units difficult.
    4. As hunting pressure increase elk will head to dark timber and deep canyons. Hunt as far from roads and easily accessible areas as you can.
    5. Larger wilderness areas such as the Flat Tops Wilderness and Holy Cross Wilderness offer great opportunities. Be prepared to backpack or pack in on horses to access wilderness areas.
    6. Take note of private land opportunities.

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  • Vail, Colorado Mule Deer Hunting Tips
    1. Deer will be scattered from 6500' to timberline. As heavy snow accumulations of over 18 in. move in, deer will migrate to lower elevation pinyon-juniper areas.
    2. Mule Deer Units 24, 25, 34, 35, 44, and 444.
    3. Hunting in unit 24 is generally better in early season. Units 35 and 44 have the most public land and unit 44 is managed for trophy quality animals. Units 35 and 36 have the most deer and snowfall will move deer from unit 45 to unit 36. Unit 44 late rifle hunt is best. Potential for 180+ class deer.
    4. Unit 35 is the best muzzleloader unit in the state. Makes for exceptional high country backpack or horseback hunt with potential for 190+ class deer.

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  • Vail, Colorado Bighorn Sheep Hunting Tips
    1. There are three units in the Vail area that offer bighorn sheep hunting.
    2. Bighorn Sheep Units S26, S69, S70
    3. You will have to apply for a minimum of three years to accumulate the maximum preference points. You will then begin collecting bonus points each year you are unsuccessful. Be prepared to apply for several years before drawing. There are many hunters who have been applying 10 + years.

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  • Vail, Colorado Mountain Goat Hunting Tips
    1. There are two Mountain Goat units in the Vail area
    2. Mountain Goat Units G6, G9
    3. Unit G6 offers some good goats but is a very tough backpack hunt. Possibly the toughest in Colorado.
    4. Unit G9 offers mostly smaller Mountain Goats but has good ATV access to the top.

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